Client Feedback

“His grades have improved immensely in reading, spelling, and writing, since you’ve been working with him. He’s improved from a D student to an A/B student in these classes. It has also boosted his confidence and self-esteem. Thank you!” Linda McK., mother of 4th-grade boy

“Sybil, I hope that you always know how much your efforts with my grandson have meant to this entire family. It warms my heart to know that he will never again tell me that he is stupid or that everyone thinks he is stupid. I know that there are other influences involved in the changes we see but I must give you the majority of credit for the transformation in this precious and sweet child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just cannot imagine a life without reading.” Marianne Kellogg, grandmother of 7th-grade boy

“I have been incredibly impressed with Sybil’s patience and persistence in working with my son. She has a very calm and loving energy about her and has handled him beautifully during times when teaching would be challenging for most people. Sybil also amazes me with the creative approaches she utilizes in order to teach him various concepts while simultaneously keeping him engaged. This is especially important with a child who lacks attention. She is able to make learning “fun” for him with the multitude of games that she prepares for lessons. She truly cares about teaching and it shows in the way she interacts with him and the amount of time and effort she puts in preparing the lessons. Her passion for teaching children is obvious. She truly has been and continues to be a blessing to our family!” M. Singh, mother of 5th-grade boy

“My 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, and I was fortunate to have Sybil as a tutor. She has worked with her for a year now, and my daughter’s reading level is on grade level for the first time. Sybil is an outstanding teacher and tutor. Her knowledge of the science of reading and the characteristics of dyslexia are invaluable. Sybil participates in discussions with other tutors around the country to collaborate on activities and strategies to make tutoring sessions fun and engaging. I cannot express enough how thankful our family is for her work and support. As an educator, I could not tutor my daughter because the emotion and responsibility were overwhelming. Sybil’s calm, consistent guidance and demeanor have helped our daughter greatly as well as our family. I am extremely thankful for Sybil Barker and will value her expertise in the life of my daughter for a long time!!!” Laura W., Gwinnett teacher, Speech-Language Pathologist

Mrs. Sybil, thank you for working with my son this school year. His reversals are 100% gone. He continues to read on level and his spelling has improved so much. If we run into trouble, we will be sure to be back in touch. Jennifer S., mother of 4th-grade boy

“Sybil has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and very reliable. Her methods are educationally effective and resulted in my son’s improved academic performance in both the classroom and in standardized testing. Her ability to connect with my son, by addressing his unique talents and specific needs, was absolutely incredible. He has commented to me that she explains things in a way he can understand. Her compassion and dedication to ensuring my son’s progress and success were unparalleled. It is evident that Sybil has a love for her profession and a sincere interest in and concern for her students. ” Stacey W. , mother of 6th-grade boy

“Ms. Sybil’s expertise, intelligence, and creativity have enabled her to adapt lessons to my children’s individual needs and learning styles. I wish we could take her with us when we move out of state. She will be greatly missed and and very hard to replace.” Sandra S., mother of 3rd- and 5th-grade girls